The Midi 4 Compact 8
February 9, 2017

The Lite Compact 6 Mobility Scooter is a pioneer in compact mobility scooter design.

Cutting edge styling, innovative safety features and a highly manoeuvrable, lightweight chassis all deliver the easiest and smoothest driving experience ever.

Bringing together many of the proven and popular features from the current Britannia range, the latest Lite version is perfect for hassle-free urban mobility.

The inclusion of active suspension results in a smooth and stable ride that reflects the experience normally only associated with large quality scooters. Each front wheel can react independently when mounting kerbs at an angle or negotiating uneven terrain, which has already proven highly advantageous for users of it’s bigger brother, the X Extreme.

The Lite Compact 6 mph mobility scooter is perfect for people who have limited storage space at home and need a scooter that is easy to drive around town. The Lite Compact 6 only measures 620 x 1195mm but still provides ample legroom. The high grip tyres and robust alloy wheels provide consistent traction and safety is enhanced with the inclusion of anti-tip castors.

The Lite Compact 6 is a fantastic option for people who want to have a beautiful looking mobility scooter, but for whatever reason, need a compact mobility scooter.