The new X Extreme
February 9, 2017
The Luxury 8
February 9, 2017

The Sport 8’s looks great, performs outstandingly well and shines bright as a prestigious mobility scooter.

The advanced on-board control system gives you smooth acceleration and automatic braking.

The fully adjustable comfortable ‘racing style’ seat has been upgraded on the Sport to a leather racing seat offering additional lateral support, with adjustable backrest, headrest and armrests. The all-round exclusive black rim alloy wheels and 80mm (3.1″) ground clearance allows the Sport to negotiate even the trickiest of terrain with ease.

The Sport 8 also comes with an upgraded 140ah Electronic controller to enhance the driving experience and comes with a market leading 2 year warranty.

‘The Sport 8 brings class and innovation together. The advanced suspension system ensures an optimum riding comfort experience, make it another exciting addition to the Mobility World range’.