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Whether you want to take your dog for a long walk, visit friends in a fun and convenient way, go shopping, go to the cinema, be with your grand children as they play in the park or put flowers on the grave of a loved one, Mobility World has a scooter to give you the freedom you deserve. The Mobility World Flagship range has taken design to a whole new level. Mobility World provides enhanced reliability and superior after-sales service. Our mobility scooters are functional, stylish and beautiful to look at. Mobility World is proud of the entire customer centred package that we deliver to our customers. The Britannia Fold & Go range of scooters from Mobility World are amongst the most innovative, stylish and fun mobility scooters on the planet.

Fold & Go Dual Mobility Scooter
1: Fold & Go Dual
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Fold & Go Minimo
2: Fold & Go Minimo
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Travel Lite Mobility Scooter
3: Fold & Go Scooty Travel Lite
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Fold & Go Plus 4 Mobility Scooter
4: Fold & Go Plus 4
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Max Mobility Scooter
5: Fold & Go Maxi
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Mobility Scooter Auto
6: Fold & Go Auto
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Fold & Go Manual Mobility Scooter
7: Fold & Go Manual
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Fold & Go Easy Fold Powered Wheelchair
8: Fold & Go Easy Fold Powered Wheelchair
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Fold & Go Autofold Mobility Scooter
9: Fold & Go Autofold
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Being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Mobility Scooters, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the widest range of products to our customers.

All our mobility products are manufactured to the highest quality and conform to all regulatory requirements. Our nationwide customer service and afer-sales support programmes are second to none and are designed specifically to offer you complete peace of mind.

Transportable & apartment mobility scooters

Technology has jumped significantly recently. Scooters are now made with carbon fibre (super light) and have Lithium Ion batteries, which have reduced the weight of some areas of a mobility scooter significantly. Advanced engineering has helped overcome many old challenges of mobility scooters needing to fit into tight spaces. Additionally, batteries are lasting 3 times longer than older technologies. Essentially, reliability has increased, performance has increased, scooters can now be stored your scooter next to a vacuum cleaner in a cupboard!

The Lite Compact 6
The Lite Compact 6 Mobility Scooter is a pioneer in compact mobility scooter design. Cutting edge styling, innovative safety features
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The Midi 4 Compact 8
The Midi 4 Compact 8 mobility scooter brings to the market ground-breaking developments in compact mobility scooter technology. Taking cutting
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The Luxury 8
The Luxury 8 mobility scooter has unparalleled good looks. It is sleek and has a ultra modern stealth design with
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The Sport 8’s
The Sport 8’s looks great, performs outstandingly well and shines bright as a prestigious mobility scooter. The advanced on-board control
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The new X Extreme
The new X Extreme is the latest and most robust member of the Britannia family. Equipped with enhanced full suspension
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Choose a product that’s right for you

When people invest in a mobility scooter, it can be a bit like going to a new restaurant. The choice can be overwhelming.

Mobility World provides a personalised service that goes beyond the traditional way of buying a scooter. We figured out that people who were unhappy mobility scooter users were disgruntled because they bought a mobility scooter in a store etc that did not suit their:-

• Medical condition.
• Comfort.
• Environment of where they were going to use their Mobility Scooter.
• Scooter’s Transport-ability.
• Scooter’s compactness for sheltered and assisted living housing.
• Storage.

With this in mind, it makes sense that a bespoke and tailored assessment process would make for not only happy customers, but delighted customers.

Our service goes above and beyond to match the best possible mobility scooter solutions to fit with an individual’s needs. People are individuals and we at Mobility World believe that people are happier with a product range that allows for a bespoke, tailored service.

Nationwide Service and Delivery

As a company we know how important mobility is. That’s why we provide a fast and reliable nationwide delivery service, to ensure that you receive your mobility product(s) within 3 to 5 working days after placing your order. Because we deliver nationwide, we can provide our excellent delivery service to you whether you live in the North of Scotland or the tip of Cornwall.

Fold & Go Mini and Maxi

“This video is QVC in America testing our Fold & Go Mini and Fold & Go Maxi scooters, (the brand name in the USA is EV Rider, however we brand it here in the United Kingdom as Fold & Go Mini and Maxi).

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