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February 9, 2017
Fold & Go Minimo
2: Fold & Go Minimo
September 17, 2019
Fold & Go Dual Mobility Scooter

Fold & Go Dual Transportable Mobility Scooter

The Fold & Go Dual Transportable Mobility Scooter requires just one push of a button to fold automatically.

This lightweight and portable scooter even comes with its own carry case which it sits neatly within.

Transportable & Apartment Friendly

Folds up in 5 seconds flat!

Scooter specifications including speed, ranges and distances are all approximate and dependent upon weight of user and local terrain.


Weight: 42lbs / 19kgs
Maximum User Weight: 18st
Range: 6-8 miles
Battery Capacity: Lithium 11.5ah
Speed: 4mph
Available Colours: Metallic copper, Red, Purple